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Great Reasons to Have a Photo Booth at Your Next Party

Photo booths are totally affordable.

Formerly the domain of celebrity get together’s or massive sponsored eventsInteractive Image—the fast rise in popularity has made photo booths accessible for any special occasion. The average cost is $500-$700, depending on length of time and features you decide on.

They rock for any occasion.

Weddings, corporate events, sweet sixteens, mitzvahs—these are just some of the events a photo booth can rock.  Basically any time you gather a group of people together you have a good reason for a photo booth.

The Photo booth gets guest to interact with each other.

The Photo booth can help your guest have a great time together. People love making funny faces and getting a good laugh out of it or just taking a picture with your favorite family member

It’s entertainment and a party favor in one.

While there are still some brides who want to provide their guests with fancy chocolates and hand-crafted candles with the perfectly-scripted initials of the wedding couple written on them, more and more wedding receptions are moving away from the traditional wedding favors seen in weddings in the past.

By incorporating a photo booth in your wedding, you give guests the opportunity not only to have fun having their picture taken, but to also have a souvenir to take with them at the end of the night.


Perhaps the number one reason for having a photo booth at your wedding (and in fact, the number one reason for doing anything at all in life) is the memories that it creates.  They could even send a digital copy to their email address, Facebook, Twitter and phone if they so desire. So many people will see these photos over the next few years and so many people will ask questions as to where it was taken. Your party will live long in the memory thanks to just a few photos taken at a photo booth. They really are a wonderful addition to your party.

Props are included.

The best part of the photo booth is all the sassy props. According to Platinum Foto Events, it is standard to provide goofy glasses, masks, hats, and more to get the party rolling. Maybe even your Aunt Edna will loosen up! They (and other companies) also provide special theme event props at an extra cost.

Photo Booths Are Fun

Your party is already going to be a hit. Having a photo booth escalates the fun to a whole new level!



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